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Tell us why expanding high-speed internet to all of Indiana is important.

How frustrated have you been waiting for an important file to upload from home? How many hours have you spent driving to a place that offers a more reliable and quicker internet connection?

If you’re like most in rural Indiana, you’ve felt the pain. Tell us how having access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet could improve your family’s quality of life, or how new service options have changed the way you live. Your stories will continue to inspire our state’s leaders to do all they can to bring broadband to all of Indiana.

Affordable and reliable internet access would mean life-altering improvements for rural Hoosiers in:

  • Modern health care, including prompt access to specialists and expanded monitoring and treatment options.
  • Modern education options so rural students can use technology previously only available to their urban peers. Adult learners will have access to distance education options right from their home.
  • Economic development. Small businesses in rural areas can enter the global marketplace. And, young families seeking a rural lifestyle can enjoy that small town sense of community along with the modern conveniences of an urban area.