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Member-Owned & Regulated

Electric cooperatives are owned by the consumers to which they provide electricity – and we call them members. The members elect a local board to represent their interests and establish policy for the cooperative.


Electric cooperatives exist to serve their communities. We provide electricity at cost and invest any excess margins back into the distribution system or return it to the members.

Committed to Community

Keeping the lights on isn’t the only thing we do. We educate the leaders of tomorrow. We help recruit new industry. We give back to the communities we serve. We are here to power communities and empower our members by improving their quality of life.

Electric co-ops provide skilled trade and professional career opportunities for Hoosiers.

  • 38 electric cooperatives
  • 1,500 employees
  • $129.9 million in payroll and benefits

  • 551 Lineman
  • 60 Engineers
  • 88 Finance
  • 63 IT & Tech
  • 65 Communicators
  • 44 HR & Admin
  • 216 Customer Service

Electric co-ops give back.

In 2019, electric co-ops paid $41.1 million annually in local and state taxes and returned $38.1 million in capital credits to members.

Electric co-ops serve 1.3 million Hoosiers.

Electric cooperatives serve 80% of Indiana’s landmass but only 17% of Hoosier consumers.

It’s more important than ever to band together to promote and protect Indiana’s electric cooperatives.

Join our growing grassroots army today and become part of our team. By signing up, you’ll maximize your voice as you hold elected officials accountable and promote the importance of electric cooperatives across the state and nation.