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Politics can seem overwhelming, but we are all impacted by the policy decisions made in state and federal government. That’s why we created our grassroots network – to give our consumer-members an opportunity to support their interests and continue to ensure that electric cooperatives can provide safe, affordable and reliable electricity.

Electric cooperatives are no stranger to politics – in fact, co-ops wouldn’t exist if not for the persistent political action taken by rural communities during the 1930s to create opportunities for themselves by powering their communities. The federal Rural Electrification Act and the Indiana REMC Act created electric cooperatives, and we have worked with Congress and the Indiana General Assembly ever since to make sure our consumer-members are represented in the political decision-making process.

But we can’t do it alone. State and federal legislators want to hear from their constituents about how issues will impact them, so we created a resource to help connect our consumer-members to the legislators that represent them. We work hard to make sure that our consumer-members understand how legislation will impact them, either through their electric bills or in their communities. And when the opportunity to impact legislation arises, we call on our grassroots network to make their voices heard.

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